Affinity Strategic Partners (ASP) came from the need to have a resource for hoteliers to have a one-stop-shop for all of their business needs. Our team consists of passionate individuals who have a desire to hotels; which to us is a winning combination.   

What Sets Us Apart

  • We have over 100 years of combined hotel experience with experience in all areas of property and corporate level positions.


  • We are Business Development Specialists with expertise in marketing beyond typical channels.  We help businesses develop business plans that include everything from a digital strategy to how to secure government business.


  • We have a background in Operations, Sales, Technology, and Training; allowing us to plug in and help you with whatever special need you have.


  • For large business hotel companies and brands, we offer consulting services for special projects and during times you may just need supplemental staffing. 


  • We work closely with various ethnic chambers, minority and women organizations, non-profit agencies, government, and educational agencies to keep ourselves plugged in to what is going on in the industry.  Our mission is to stay educated so we can share that knowledge with those that seek it.


  • We provide training services, both one on one and in groups; sharing our knowledge and creating training plans that are literally "plug and play" so that all you have to do is implement them.


  • We have access to consultants in many areas of expertise, so that if we can't help, chances are we know someone who can.  Our core belief is that collaboration is key, that TOGETHER we are STRONGER. 


Nancy Alvarez, SBA Supervisor Business Opportunity Specialist 

Linda has managed master what takes most people years to learn in the span of a year and is now and expert in fields that most people still don't understand.  She is now using that knowledge to help empower small and minority/women owned businesses to take advantage of all of the opportunities available to them.

Albert Guerra, President          Vecca Technology

The team at Affinity opened up my eyes to all of the opportunities I had as a small MBE business.  They helped my complete my paperwork and prepare proposals so I could bid City of Dallas business.

Brittany Hibbs, Director Events & Programming, The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (The DEC)

Linda and team were instrumental in our diversity entrepreneurship initiatives this year. Their passion for empowering women and minority entrepreneurs and small business owners is powerful and we look forward to their continued impact on the North Texas community.

As professional hoteliers, we are active in many local and national associations, and organizations. We are also involved in local government, keeping a close ear on the ground for upcoming opportunities for our clients and business partners. Everyone one of us on the Affinity team comes from entrepreneurial families, growing up around working minority or women business owner parents and helping run family businesses at a young age.  We feel that this is what truly sets us apart; we not only understand what businesses go through, we have literally been there.  We also regularly visit our clients and hear about their challenges, so we stay close to the everyday struggles and are constantly looking for solutions.


Officially establishing the Affinity brand in 2015, we have been actively helping hoteliers for the past 5 years. Prior to that, Linda Ghaffari founded, Valet Interactive, a hospitality-based Digital Marketing company in business from 2005 to 2015.