Joint Venture Opportunities

We form joint ventures with businesses whenever it is to the benefit of both companies to join together to form ONE stronger PRIME contractor.

Sometimes, when you are competing against large fortune 100 companies, the only way to have a fighting chance at a bid is to join two medium size companies who can complement eachother well and form a big entity that can compete at their level.  It is especially beneficial when the project is so large and complex that it requires various skill sets to execute on it.

We can also help put together joint ventures outside of Affinity if there is a better fit with another company for a particular project.  Our job is to create the best possible scenario to win the bid, whether we are a Prime contractor or not.

How is a Joint Venture documented?

A Joint-Venture as it relates to government contracting relates to an agreement between two companies for one specific bid.  It is not a long-term agreement to join companies, instead it defines each company's role within the project and equally divides the accountability and responsibilities.  A JV isn't always the best way to go, so doing your homework and verifying the scope of the project are critical.  See our presentation on JVs vs. Teaming Arrangements.










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