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Founded by Linda Guerra-Ghaffari, a Texas Native and serial entrepreneur, Affinity Strategic Partners was founded on the principal that every person who wants to be an entrepreneur should have easily available access to the information and tools they need to help them succeed.  As a business owner herself, she wanted to help entrepreneurs avoid some of the pitfalls she had faced herself and to make the path to success easier for those that came after her.  She was determined to learn everything she could about all of the free resources available at the city, county, state, and national level. She also immersed herself in gathering information on the programs available to help small and minority-owned businesses have every possible added advantage in business.  In essence, Affinity became a mission to help small businesses scale and gain a competitive edge whenever possible.


She continued her journey by surrounding herself with other strong entrepreneurial women with varied backgrounds who felt the same way about helping small businesses.  What she ended up with was a team that is passionate about small and MBE businesses; a team thirsty for knowledge to share with each other and with our clients.  We are a team who supports each other and motivated by seeing our customers succeed.  Whether we consult a Prime Contractor on MBE requirements, train and certify small businesses so they may pursue new business opportunities, or form collaborative teams to pursue formal contracts as a team, the goal is the same:  Help small MBE businesses grow. 


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Meet The Small & Underutilized Business Experts


Linda Ghaffari

CEO, Founder

Business Development

    Our CEO, Linda Ghaffari, is a native Texan, 30-year Dallas area resident, hospitality and real estate investment veteran, 10+ year business owner, minority woman owned business professionaL. Her passion is seeing small businesses thrive and sharing her knowledge with others.


    Linda’s primary role is relationship building in the private and public community as well as understanding the procurement processes for all agencies.


    She is active in many local, state, and national Diversity organizations as well as with Chambers at every level. 


    Linda recently graduated from the SBAs Scale Up Program and is actively involved in the Small Business Development Centers across North Texas, sharing her insight and expertise into Federal Contacting and SBA programs.

    Maria Claudia Calvo

    Director,  Strategy & Outreach 

      Maria Claudia Calvo holds a degree in finance and a master in communications. With years of experience as a speaker and trainer in human development, she is an expert at building key relationships and improving the organizational climate.


      Maria works with the local chambers and industry organizations to help fulfill the needs for subcontractors and primes. 

      She also teaches classes on capacity building, entrepreneurship and business planning at the Dallas Public Library, building brand awareness and helping bring small businesses into the world of government contracting.


      Maria Claudia is passionate about sharing knowledge, which allows her to be a dedicated advocate for small businesses needing training. ​

      Ana Belmonte

      Manager, Leads & Proposal Management

        Ana Belmonte holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication. Her strengths lie within the areas of organizational and project management.   Ana’s role is to work with small businesses that want to get certified and work their way into a sub-contractor role in a government bid.


        Ana is the "keeper" of our sub-contractor pool and active recruiter for every sector.

        Ana's passion lies in putting deals and projects together, making her the perfect match for businesses needing to build teaming agreements and Joint Ventures.


        You will often see Ana at outreach events, meeting with clients and relaying leads to our partners who are key candidates for winning bids.



        Joanna Rubio

        Manager, Certifications & Joint Ventures

          Joanna Rubio holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and is responsible for the marketing and administrative processes within Affinity.  She is responsible for social outreach in English and Spanish, sending out marketing material, and executing on “Client Intakes” as new small businesses are brought in to join our network of partners. 


          She is also the keeper of all official documents per government agency and templates that make the certification process for our clients more efficient.  She is the “keeper of the binders,” putting together the proposal and certification binders for our customers.  Joanna's specialty is in Federal programs, including SBA, GSA, 8A, and Set-Aside programs.


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