Proposal Writing

A proper Request For Proposal (RFP) is a very important step when bidding for a government contract. However, RFP's are often extremely difficult and highly time consuming.

At Affinity, we take Proposal writing and the compilation of required documentation very seriously.  Our experienced team members are dedicated to making sure your proposal is written with a high level of attention to detail and that it does your company justice. 

The SBA's Workbook on Proposal Writing

In most cases, your proposal package is the only exposure will get to the buyer.  Unlike Private bids, where you get an opportunity to have one on one time with your client so they can get to know you, Public bids require you not talk to the buyer once the bid is out.  This is why a well written, neatly packaged, and highly organized proposal package is critical. 


Buyers review hundreds of proposals annually, so to stand out, you must make it easy for them to review your bid.  Make sure that all required documents are not only included but that they are properly signed and in the correct order, labeled and with a table of contents.


So whether you want us to write it for you or you just want us to consult and review, we will make sure that your proposal package has the winning attributes it needs to compete.


The SBA has an online course on effective proposal writing that we have downloaded for you. Download it by clicking on the cover page image.


Feel free to browse through it and sign up for some of the classes listed on www.SBA.Gov




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