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At Affinity we are committed to helping small businesses succeed and we know that the best way to do that is to arm them with great information and a strong support system of tools and people.

I personally am committed to helping small businesses get the most our of the benefits available to them and to being a resource that helps connect the dots between small business and governmentl opporunities.

"Linda's Small Business Corner" is intended to share my personal knowledge and research with our partners and readers. My team and I will be publishing a series of topics weekly, each of us with our own series that focuses in on issues and topics we are passionate about.

During my first series I will share the basic opportunities and nuances. There is so much to catch everyone up on that i will do m best to address key topics and refer you to expert websites for more in-depth information.

I am also passional about sharing local, to regional and federal contracting opportunities, so that we can get more small, minority, and women owned businesses to compete. My goal is to put out as much information as possible to ensure successful contract bidding.

The rest of our Key staff will have their own corners with their areas of expertise.

Maria Claudia is a pro on financial and business planning combined with how interpersonal relationships impact the workplace. Expect "Maria's Corner" to be all about how to combine the two.

Joanna has become our certification and business rules expert. Ask her how to fill out a form or gather information and she's all over it. Her Corner will share the latest in the ins and outs of certification.

Ana is a pro at organizational processes and marketing. She will share tips on social media, organizational tools, and software that will make life easier.

For businesses not interested in a the public sector, we will also share private sector opportunities along with basic training skills that will help in establishing business goals, creating business plans, and establishing networking and relationship opportunities that will open the doors needed to get your business up and running.

Lastly, if you are interested in classes, we are currently teaching classes at the Dallas Public Library downtown Dallas and will be expanding our classes to other areas around the metroplex. Look for updates on that coming soon.

~ Linda

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