Are Ready to Really Compete?

Though my interaction with a variety of businesses, I have noticed one common trait in 100% of all cases, the profound impact that line managers have on the creation of an organization’s culture and the attraction, growth, and development they have on strategic talent. It is simple, GREAT leaders attract GREAT talent.

I know organizations already know this. What they don’t know is how to make it happen. Because this is the truth, the workforce is not only an HR problem.

In today’s market, organizations face strategic challenges that can affect their ability to become more sustainable and maintain their competitive position among other organizations. Operating in today’s competitive environment can mean fighting for markets, attention and/or funding.

It is time to Re-design and Re-new the way we think about one of the biggest organizational assets and expenses, the Workforce. Most companies have not yet capitalized on the opportunity that an effective workforce management provides.

Significant investments in attempting to increase operational excellence are all valuable, but these initiatives seldom translate into tangible wealth. In order to create wealth, there has to be a clear conception of those activities that bring value to customers and investors. In order to sustain performance and maintain a competitive position, organizations need to really exploit their competitive advantage.

The irony is that competitive advantage needs the right workforce strategy.

Whether profit or non-profit, at Affinity Strategic Partners, we help you develop your workforce strategy that is unique to your organization so the strategic contribution of your workforce will be obvious and measurable.


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