Affinity Strategic Partners A Diversity Program Management Firm

Affinity Strategic Partners (Affinity) is a Diversity Program Management (DPM) firm whose primary focus is to assist prime contractors in developing and coordinating a diversity program that enables them to meet their diversity and inclusion (D&I) goals.

Affinity is a resource for major corporations and public agencies to supplement their subcontracting efforts and develop strategies for diversification. Our program is designed to promote projects with W/MBE goals and encourage minority and women-owned firms to bid on them. At Affinity, we care about supporting economic sustainability. Thus our program goes above and beyond the typical program by assisting minority firms with certification, the bidding process, and logistical support to guarantee success.

A vital goal of our program is to ensure we create the best team for maximum capacity and performance. To accomplish this, our services include:

• Diversity program development

• Project analysis and targeted outreach

• Community outreach and event planning through marketing and PR efforts

• Project coordination

• Capacity building and mentorship programs for small firms

• Participation and compliance

• Certification and bidding process assistance for W/MBE’s.

• Training Programs

• Bonding Support

• Access to capital and business resources

• Key Personnel recruitment

Our team is composed of marketing strategists, PR professionals, certification and business development experts, and leadership that understands the key elements a diversity program needs.

We always start with a needs assessment, taking the time to identify the specific requirements for each project. We avoid the “going through the motions” of a general diversity program. Our capacity building approach includes an evaluation of W/MBE’s and the specific competencies we are looking to maximize capacity performance.

Strong relationships just don't happen overnight. It takes a dedicated amount of time and energy to build healthy, strong and lasting relationship. Relationship building is an integral part of our commitment. Our businesses network is composed of qualified and selective groups of organizations and influential individuals we can depend on for support. We have the right balance between giving and taking. We support our partners by becoming members of their organization and actively participating. We regularly speak at events and teach classes promoting entrepreneurship and business planning. We also take an active role in government contracting opportunities, always looking out for bids our partners would benefit from.

Selectivity, consistency, and engagement are our strategies for finding great partners and building long term relationships.


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