Linda's Small Business Corner: Ericsson Sponsors 4th Annual Diversity Matchmaker Event

We were honored to be invited to the 4th Annual Ericsson Matchmaker event in Plano, TX where I was able to talk to buyers and diversity managers at Ericsson about our small business program and how Affinity can help our clients do business with Ericsson.

It is especially exciting as we like to keep up with what Ericsson is up to because they are always on the cutting edge of technology, something near and dear to our heart as business development specialists. We loved this article they posted last month on the rise of live streaming and how we can use it to help our clients.

The focus of the event was on "The Internet of Things" and Ericsson's vision for the future. Interestingly, it opened up my eyes to the concept of constant imagination, and the ability we have as humans to imagine the future then make it happen, even if we don't know how to exactly do it at the time. You just have to have vision and be willing to push yourself to get there.

Like any large company, the first contract is hard to get, but the first step is signing up to their vendor portal. You can't compete if you don't register. Click Here to get started!

If you have a certification, make sure to include it in there, and if you don't have it yet, don't hesitate, do it now so that you can benefit from the many programs available to Women, Minority, LGBT, Veteran, and HudZone, and Disadvantaged businesses. If you want to find out more about getting certified, browse our partners page, we have some great information and links on how to get certified all on your own. If it's all a little too much for you, reach out to us at and we'd be happy to help guide you through.

Many small businesses don't think that doing business with a large organization is a possibility, but if you follow the step each organization outlines on their procurement site you will most likely at a minimum start building name recognition and establishing the relationships necessary to bid. You can also start about by becoming a sub-contractor to their tier 1 or tier 2 vendors, but you can only get started once you register.

Check out the great video put together by our friend and fellow MWBE Small Business Owner, Silvana Rosero at Small Pond Video. Silvana is a great example of diversity at work and small businesses being able to succeed in contracting with large organizations like Ericsson. I was fortunate to be featured on the videos to express my thoughts on the event.

Being Interview by the Small Pond team, and my fried Ms. Betty Manetta in the background. I am fortunate to have such great mentors and female role models in our MWBE Community.

Watch the Full Video Here:

Thanks again to our hosts Anisha Jackson and Aileen Rivera. I'm looking forward to continuing to work you and your teams, helping fulfill your D&I needs while promoting small business growth!


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