DART Presents Capital Program adding Billions of Dollars in Business Opportunities for Qualified Ve

DART hosted a symposium today called "A Future in Motion" to educate possible contractors, partners, and community leaders on the upcoming Capital spending program starting later this year.. There are three major projects in the works, including an extension to the Red and Blue Lines, a second light rail downtown, and the Cotton Belt Corridor, which will connect the rail lines from east to west, making the rail more accessible to the suburbs.
As an MWBE and Small Business Advocacy group, it was important for us to be there and learn about all of the opportunities we can share with our partners and clients. Aside from the already booming construction opportunities in the DFW Area, the DART expansion offers billions of dollars in additional business opportunities.
We will stay close to the open bids and Capital program needs and keep our clients posted, with matchmaking events once all Prime Contractors are selected.

Project Description This project will modify platforms at 28 stations along the Red and Blue light rail transit (LRT) lines to accommodate 3-car trains. Modifications include extending at-grade and below grade platforms and adding additional raised platform areas to permit level boarding. This modification will increase the carrying capacity of the system and enhance the core capacity of the network. ALL DART LRT stations constructed since 2004, accommodate a 3-car train. The environmental review for this project has been completed. For more information, please click on this link: www.DART.org/about/expansion/platformextensions.asp


Project Description The D2 Project is the future second DART light rail alignment through downtown Dallas. The D2 Project will increase system capacity, provide operational flexibility and serve new markets. It is a critical element of sustaining the DART system into the future by adding core capacity to the network. For more information, please click on this link: www.DART.org/D2


Project Description The DART 2030 Transit System Plan (TSP), approved in October 2006, identified the Cotton Belt Corridor as a priority project with implementation in the 2025-2030 timeframe. The project was deferred to post-2030 as a consequence of the 2008-09 regional economic recession. Since then, various funding initiatives have been explored to advance the project. For more information, please click on this link: www.DART.org/CottonBelt

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