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Yesterday was another great opportunity to meet MWBE Small Business Owners interested in growing their business at the Bill J. Priest Center in Dallas. The Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber hosted an event to introduce the Scale Up America program to entrepreneurs interested in growing their business and participating in the program in 2017.

As a recent graduate, it was my honor to speak to the potential candidates about the classes, and how it help me scale my business and meet individuals from the community I would never have met on my own. The program not only helped me walk out with a solid business plan and strategy but allowed me to visit places like DFW Airport where we met the Diversity Team; Ericsson, where we learned how to do business with large Corporate organizations and Univision, where we learned skilled marketing techniques.

Scale Up America is an SBA sponsored program, free to all participants. It is administered by the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber and hosted at the Bill J. Priest Learning Center in South Dallas. Registration is open until February 3rd, with the first class starting next week on the seventh. To register, you can fill out the application here.

This year, the program will again be facilitated by Ms. Lin O'Neill (English Cohort) and Ms. Veronica Salto (Spanish Cohort). Both classes happen simultaneously and meet every three weeks for seven months. At the end of the program, each graduate gets a certificate of participation and gains credibility within the SBA as a "scaler"; a title that assists when working with the SBA or SBDC Centers.

As a final word, I'd like to give a shout out to my fellow 2016 Scalers. The program material, instructors, mentors, and networking was great, but the best part? Meeting a group of passionate entrepreneurs that will forever be my friends and partners in business. Melissa, Andy, Alex, Tim, Stacey, Jess, Mariam, Heriberto, Jay, and Jesus - may 2017 bring you much success; to Lin, thanks for alway keeping it "real"; and last but not least - Gabi and Diana, we couldn't have done it without you! ~ Linda

2016 Class

Scale Up Class 2016

2017 Event Participants and Future Scalers

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