Affinity Launches New Lead Referral Program

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I am excited to announce that Affinity Strategic Partners (AFFINITY) has launched a new lead referral program that is free to our partners. You don't pay until we help you get incremental new business!With our new program, all it takes is for you to want to become a part of our network and start getting qualified leads.

Once you sign up, you start receiving leads for you to chose from.Here's how it works:

  • Start by signing up - just click on the red "Join" button on the upper right-hand corner of our site.

  • You will get a welcome email with instructions on how to set up an appointment with one of our specialists who will walk you through how to get procurement ready and get to know your business to ensure we send you qualified leads.

  • If you are not procurement ready, we walk you through what you need to do to get there

  • You will get a couple of forms to fill out and sign:

  • An NDA form to ensure we maintain confidentiality in all our dealings.

  • A Master Services Agreement that explains the logistics of the program

  • Once you fill out the forms, you are ready to start getting qualified leads.

  • At this time you will start electing whether you would like to pursue each lead.

  • You will also decide (per lead) if you want to pursue alone or if you want us to help you.

  • If you decide to pursue the lead, we will send you a package with all of the bid information.

  • If want our help we break it down for you and make it simple to compete.

  • The bid gets submitted, and we wait to hear back from the buying agency.

You ask what the cost is?

Well, it depends on the industry, but in general...

  • The standard fee is 3% of the total award if we provide you with an exclusive lead that you have agreed in advance you want us to send you.

  • 6% if you want us to help you with the proposal process, including creating a team, writing the proposal, and managing the project.

To Find out more about our program, reach out to any of us on the Affinity Business Development team or email Business Development at

~ Linda

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