DFW Airport Continues its Work With MWBEs

One of the great things about DFW Airport is their commitment to Minority and Woman Owned Businesses. Their outreach efforts are designed to document initiatives and establish procedures which best inform, present, and achieve results for maximum consideration and participation by D/S/MWBEs. DFW sponsors several programs targeting minority and women-owned businesses seeking contract opportunities at the Airport.

As part of the commitment to serve as motivation for the growth of small, minority and women-owned businesses, DFW is excited to once again offer the Capacity Building Program series designed to provide training and guidance on doing business with DFW. This series is a 6-month educational program catered to those who are thinking about doing business with DFW or those who already are. All of the classes are 100% free to the community. Below is a list of all the classes taking place over the next couple of months.

There is so much opportunity in the DFW area, don't miss out! For more dates and information on this program, please visit https://www.dfwairport.com/bdd/index.php.

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