In the Transportation industry, there is endless opportunities in private and public agencies. A prime example is the United States government, in the Fiscal Year 2016 of U.S. Government Spending, there was over 6 billion dollars awarded in contracts alone. In the new Fiscal Year 2017 of U.S. Government Spending, it is already standing with over 600 million in contract awards within the first month of January 2017.


At Affinity we serve as a gateway for small business owners and companies seeking to contract certified businesses. Our database hosts certified small businesses that can help meet diversity and inclusion goals. For businesses seeking to enter government contracting, we send leads in a timely manner, bring vendors to meet the decision makers in public and private entities, and facilitate introductions between businesses to create and support business deals. We are here for our clients every step of the way. We assist clients in the proposal writing process and keep track of the awarded service and maintenance of contracts once they have been submitted. 


The government has a variety of needs in Ground, Air and Marine. Whether it be components, equipment, vehicles and shipping items. There are opportunities for businesses of every size. If you specialize in a specific service or product, more than likely we will be able to find an opportunity for you as a prime contractor or subcontractor, even as second or third-tier subcontractor. We are here for you to grow your business.

Examples of Transportation Government Contracting Opportunities

  • Vehicular equipment components

  • Ground & motor vehicles, trailers, cycles

  • Railway equipment

  • Tires & tubes

  • Distribution Services

  • Aircraft, aviation & space vehicles

  • Aircraft & airframe structural components

  • Aircraft components & accessories

  • Aircraft launching, landing & ground equipment

  • Boats, docks, engines & marine equipment

  • Engines, turbines & components

  • Engine accessories

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